Sigma SCO and S2C for Grocery Stores

With Midax’s partnership with Diebold Nixdorf, we can now provide a hardware and software installation to any location in the country, with delivery, installation and maintenance in our pair of hands.

Sigma SCO can operate in an end to end Sigma environment including Sigma Order Ahead, Sigma combined Order Kiosk/SCO to operate as the customer-facing sales solution that can be fully integrated into the C-Store using a Commander, Passport, Radiant and SmartDESQ.

Sigma interfaces directly into the existing legacy POS for the item and price files. At the conclusion of each day, all Sigma transactions are transmitted to the legacy POS for inclusion into its t-log in the format the POS requires, so all transaction reporting flows through the existing POS reporting system.

Optionally, Sigma can also receive orders from GrubHub, DoorDash and UberEats, so that the Sigma kitchen rails can be used for order processing and the transactions from those third-party services can be fed into the Sigma T-log, for subsequent inclusion into the legacy POS system and thence the back office.

This means Sigma SCO can be – with one and the same solution - part of the landscape of the majority of C-stores in the USA.

Order at the Kiosk

In your store, you might also provision a kiosk for food services. This would be a Sigma subset. The conclusion of the order can be the end of the process with pay at the kiosk pinpad or it can be part of the rest of the sales transaction in the store, by taking a barcoded slip from the receipt printer and presenting that with other purchases at the lane POS. Sigma can handle a transaction ahead of the store visit, add sales inside at the food counter and also elsewhere in the store and complement it by the sale of gas at the pump. This is a very powerful and flexible system.

Self-Checkout Converted to POS Lane

The self-checkout can also be attached to a cash drawer. By plugging it in and selecting cashier mode at the SCO, you can instantly convert a self-checkout into a manned POS lane. This enables line-busting into your self-checkout.

This leaner, flexible approach enables you to configure a number of smaller footprint self-checkouts for a fraction of the price of a legacy self-checkout. It makes self-checkout affordable in smaller stores and at the same time, retaining a consistent user experience from order ahead through kiosk.

Self-Checkout at the Kiosk including for Gas

Where Midax is providing the pump control, the customer goes to the pump, swipes his loyalty card when prompted which will be enabled with pay inside facilities (enrolled in advance, during which process, we link a DL# to a loyalty card number and grant the user pay-inside privileges).

The customer goes into the store, swipes his card at the kiosk, places his fresh prepared food order, then goes off to buy a coffee and so on. When his sandwich is ready, he swipes his card again, scans the coffee and anything else he has bought. Sigma adds the fuel sale to the bill and the customer checks out with open loop or closed loop payment method of choice.

The self-checkout can be equipped with a scale, so that weighable items can be processed. Put the item on the scale and use the tablet to push the picture of the item being weighed.

All with integrated loyalty, order ahead, open loop card and mobile payments and in-house payments!