Comdax C-Store Integrator

Midax’s 15+ years experience in payment, pump control and loyalty is the premise of Comdax, our Pump Control Solution for 3rd party POS. Typically in grocery, where the grocer wants to have the same POS inside the store, yet have as a slave system something that can control the pumps, price rollback, Pay at the Pump payment technology, accept in-house payment cards, and mobile payments.

Comdax can operate unattended or as a slave on a POS. The interface definition for third party integrators is designed to be understood by developers with limited understanding of the fuel process: it is fully automated within Comdax.

Comdax uses the Midax Electra pump controller, Safetrak EFT and Shopping Buddy in one integrated solution.

  • Designed to withstand abusive environments
  • Robust connectivity between virtually any legacy or modern POS and any legacy or modern gas pump
  • Enables closed loop payment functionality at the pump
  • Third party neutral, OEM-friendly company philosophy
  • A flexible array of fixed and programmable communication ports including USB, RS232, RS422, and more
  • Significant storage and processing capabilities with no moving parts eliminates failures inherent with moving parts

Comdax specifications are available to operators and technology vendors active in the C-Store and Petroleum segment upon request.