Who Are You

Our customers are typically second time-around buyers. And usually ticked off! They come from two channels, so if either of the following describes you, we need to talk:

1) You have been with a legacy POS provider, possibly for generations, where you see that the service level and quality of your vendor is declining and the costs are rising. You may have considered in the past that you are with the biggest and the best, so while you are unhappy, you believe this declining performance and increasing cost is the natural order of things. So, it is a rude shock when you realize it isn’t. When you come to us, it is crossing the Rubicon.

"How can such a small company create so much, when the much bigger company I have been using creates so little? I find this hard to believe"

is a question that occurs a lot. Hardly surprising, really - after years of unkept promises from your current vendor, it takes a while to overcome your skepticism.

2) You are relatively new to a given application area or a new technology: loyalty, mobile ordering, mobile payments, for example. First time around, you bought off on a vendor, who promised a simple and easy solution. Only when you got into the potential in the application area, you realized a) "simple and easy" actually means "basic and unsustainable" and b) the best part of the application was the PowerPoint that sold you (the one with the pretty graph, next to the picture of a cloud).

The truth is this stuff, if it is good, is a bit more complicated. So if you are going to leverage your systems, you have to understand more about how they work. Then you can shape them to work for you. What is the point in copying the same rewards models, for example, as your neighbor? What edge are you getting from that?

Have you come to the end of the road? We need to talk.